Enter the Realm of the Trees

Amidst the chaos of the Industrial Revolution a small pine has made its plea to the ones familiar to all trees: those who seeded the realm of Gaia with verdant plant life.

Then, beyond the stars a clarion call was heard and then answered in the form of an emmisary being dispatched.

Fluid and floating like a mist on water, the strains of crystalline clarity evoke the majesty of the stars.

Sylvene of the Trees arrived to persuade those who raised weapons against the harmless trees and shattered the peace with a blind fervor for “progress”.

In a time when children were chained to machines while the Captains of Industry wiped their chins to clean the fat of their feats, a voice rose to sing.

The woods are filled with the unfolding of creation. It is the place of magic, mystery and wonder.