The Story of Each Song

As she stood in darkness, invisible to her surroundings, she read the verse and formed her music. And then, as the flames shifted in the fire beneath the mantle, gave her words and her vision.

The simplicity of living in harmony with the fertile and perfect life of the woods was the easiest thing to have. Community, family and the miracle of all that grew and seeded, is enough for joy. That which withers in the cold resurrects in the gentle warmth of spring.

She was compelled to sing. It rose inside her like the turbulence of a storm.  To witness her brother and sister trees felled so thoughtlessly, with no recognition, no gratitude; it formed a rage that was unfamiliar. For lack of any other response, she did as any of her kind would – sing the spells of undoing. 

But it was not the time, and the forces with which nature contended were too strong. The wheel of fortune had turned against all she loved. 

A ode to Mother Earth: Communion

Sylvene of the trees mourned for the woods and all who lived within, for its magic, mystery and wonder were  destroyed by the cold force of industry.

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